Wednesday, November 12, 2008

100% for Myself

I'm not praising myself but I just feel that I'd done my presentation better than lasttime. This time I presented within the time and I also able to answer the questions asked by those penallists.

But very saddened by my friends were late for my presentation and I could not see them while i'm presenting..After presentation they only reached...LOLz..

It's actually not their fault also, they were came on time. It is because my presentation time was bring forward about 30minutes earlier without notice. Thanks for coming to give support for me...! hehe..And also received some sms from my schoolmate wishing me all the best..Thanks you too..Muacks! and I also received wishes from my dear~ thanks too...muacks

Oh my! Thanks god that I already reached there by that time..If I'm not reaching early for practice purpose..I may be late and they might kick me out of the room for being late~ Haha..

***100% for today***

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