Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween '08

Very first time I join this halloween party.. I'm a person that very very EXTREMELY scare to play those ghostly thing..Sometimes I feel it is very creepy...lolz...So I will not play those "ghost house" at theme parks or whatever funfair. But the weird thing is I likes to watch animation called "Ghost Hunt", Haha...maybe it is more to scientific rather scary scenes. Hehe..

I know the photos is very dark...I didn't want to make it brighter..If not, it wont be so creepy feel...LOLZ.~

What if I put this make up while I go shopping..??? Must be very scary, right?

This are the handsome yet young young bartenders~ Hehe...

2 another witches of the day...lolz...they really well prepared..

Here's come our BEST COSTUME OF THE DAY. Congratulation!!!...Let me tell you one more thing.. The gaun was handly made by herself.....

Mei Shan and Carine ....and there is someone behind there...Mr. Gilbert...Trying to give some spooky effect...Thanks ya...

Haha..i likes this one....It is not scary at all..but very funny..!!! hahahaa.. Billy really good in acting...
This is the most famous mask in the party...It really looks scary when in the dark...Hehe.. This si the only one full face mask.. Others only half mask. That's why it is so famous. Haha..

I'm eating eye~~.Dont know human eye or animal eye...Haha...Try to guess what is it..~

This is the special Halloween set.. Very tasty...haha...If possible, I wish to eat it again...I likes to eat the one looks like sunflower. It very crispy...haha..

The party was really enjoyed..They had planned a lot of games to play..I plan to go again next year..Haha..That time i must try my best to put on best costume, if I have plenty of time for it. Haha..

*Happy Halloween*

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