Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm an university student~!

After struggled for so many years. UCSI finally become an UNIVERSITY...It's not 'university college' anymore...I want to clarify that i'm not a 'college' student or even not an 'university college' student..Please bare in mind!!!!!...I'M AN UNIVERSITY STUDENT.

This is the UCSI previous logo

I guess many people also saw this logo before. Recently there are plenty UCSI's advertisements around including on newspapers, banner, banting, and in the radio. Before that I saw the banner of UCSI while on the way to Malacca. Oh my.. Speechless....

This is the latest logo for UCSI University

UCSI University was in the news.

UCSI University have so many campus

1. Kuala Lumpur Campus (South Wing and North Wing)

2. Terengganu Campus

3. Blue Ocean Strategy Regoinal Center

4. Sarawak Campus
For more informations, you may log on to

I didn't mean to help for promoting them but just I want to let anyone know that I'm an university student and no offence..Thanks...LOLZ...


Conversation with someone:

Unknown: Where are u studying?

Me: ME? Studying at UCSI.

Unknown: UCSI? Where is it?

Me: Neh~ The one located at Taman Connaught.

Unknown: Oh. Sedaya College is it?


See! WTFish you la!! (LOLz. Learned from S0hp0h)..This conversation always happen to me..Many people only know Sedaya College which is the original name for my university..Hello!!...They had changed their name to UCSI and even upgraded to university already laa...~ Dude~

~I'LL Eat You Up~


Quotesoflife said...

hahahahaha make me laugh lah hahahaha

s0hp0h said...

lololol.. but then why still call UCSI?/ shud call USI.. hmmmm