Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas 081224 (1)

This christmas I'm fully booked..Lolz. Joking only. Today and tomorrow I was fully utilise my time. Sure not a lonely christmas for this year.

So here, I'm wishing everyone to have a great and blasting christmas eve.

I found this year christmas's decoration at shopping center were not very attractive. I noticed that most of the shopping mall using the same decoration as last year. *coughcheapskatecough*.. LOLZ. Maybe they wants to cut cost for decoration and use those money for others purposes. But the petrol's price drop so much. No need to save cost already laa.

My goddess~.. I'm sorry that I didn't update my blog consistently. Yesterday I logged in my blog thought of updating it. Then I found something that REALLY suprised me. It's SHE, Carine Choong, from Miss Astro Pageant 2008. She viewed my blog and also leave comment in my blog too. I'm felt so lucky to have her view my blog. I'm always wanted to meet her in-person. Now it came true!!! Hooray~

Oh yeah~ I had created a new title's image for my blog. I hope it looks nice. Comment on it.

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s0hp0h said...

nice! better than the tag la.. a bit big la the tag.. hehehe use ur face better