Sunday, December 14, 2008

It will not be accepted.

I heard that TVXQ/DBSK's song called Mirotic will be banned due to their lyrics. This is BIG THANKS to Korean's GOV. I noticed there are some changes edited in the lyric~ All the lyric part is ok, because they are the same. LOLZ. but when comes to the chorus part! OH MY GOD!!! I really cant accept it... They had replaced it with 'under my sky' instead of 'under my skin'

I really dont understand what is the problem with the 'skin'. They are like taking away the spirit of the song after the replaced it with 'sky'

The pronounciation of both words are different, and this affected the flow of the song.. Oh no!!!!!!...Plus I really dont know what is the 'sky' meant!?..What does it mean? That's why I said it will changed the 'spirit' of the song! 'Under my skin' is mean 'you are under my control'. So what does the 'sky' mean? 'Under my world'? It totally did not give the sense of it.

Anyway, TVXQ are the BEST..

^Still & Always^
Under My Skin

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