Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Messed Up

Totally messed up....All the things messed together...Just like ice blender. Blended all things together and now I guess I'm having big problem.

All my wonderful plan gone, GONE, GONE!!!! All gone. I was planned to finish my thesis lab part in the early of Nov. So I have more time on my calculation and thesis-writing part. But all messed up. I cant start my lab early and the worst thing I have to wait till next year while my school started, I only can start my lab. thing.

I really upset when all my things cant gone as how I'd planned. But never mind. I already used to it. I already ready for those delay-ing problems.

I wont care anymore. I must enjoy now. Enjoy the up-coming trip...Wahaha. Keep all my stresses and burden aside for now. Play with no limit. Lolz. Christmas is very near which also mean new year 2009 just around the corner. LOLZ.

*Life is a piece of Art without an Eraser*

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