Thursday, December 11, 2008

Puzzle Marathon

Yesterday I did not do blog because I'm having the Puzzle marathon~..Puzzle/jigsaw was one of my favourite hobbies. I usually make it as my pass time work since lasttime I dont have a lot of toys to play. So I have plenty of time for puzzle-ing.
I challenge myself for finishing the puzzle (1000 pieces) as fast as I can.

The starting was very good. I got the outline/flame as my guideline for the inner part. That time was 12noon.

At 6pm, I'm finally finished half part of it. The puzzle is so hard. Mickey and Minnie..I saw you~ LOLZ. I'm so exciting although I only finished half only.

Here comes the hard part. I never thought of that the harder part will be the ferris wheel. The picture at below is taken just be I went to sleep. About 1am~

The next morning I wake up and continued the marathon from 11am. 1000pieces of puzzle marathon was ended at 1pm. Yes~! I need less than 24 hours to finished it.. Yes..

Thanks Mr. LXB for supplied the puzzle for the marathon. LOLZ.


It's nice to see, nice to hold, and not for marathon~

I'm very satisfied with the result but I got back pain now. I wont do this marathon anymore.

People~, Please Dont Have Puzzle Marathon.


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