Wednesday, April 15, 2009

50 Don't Only For Today

Don't ask
Don't sad
Don't think
Don't cry
Don't turn back
Don't let go
Don't upsad
Don't lost
Don't confuse
Don't lie
Don't hate
Don't forget
Don't answer
Don't argue
Don't give up
Don't remember
Don't fed up
Don't beg
Don't envy
Don't nervous
Don't believe
Don't suicide
Don't surrender
Don't revenge
Don't delay things
Don't compliment
Don't gamble
Don't betray
Don't poke
Don't lazy
Don't pity
Don't battle
Don't action
Don't starve
Don't regret
Don't compare
Don't complaint
Don't self-centered
Don't look down on ppl
Don't judge the book by it's cover
Don't limit myself
Don't too ego
Don't rush
Don't care
Don't quirk
Don't daydream
Don't say 'no time'
Don't say it is because of 'traffic jam'
Don't understand
Don't know why

****JUST DO IT****

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