Thursday, April 2, 2009

Second time blogging in Uni

My internet line still havent fixed. Nothing I can do but just to online at uni's library... What is happening?? I found out that my blog being flagged, is it? Or I mistaken it? LOLZ.

Anyway, this show there is a number of peoples views my blog..lolz.

Yup..why today I so exciting to blog today is thanks to the incident occured at yesterday night..Not really an incident but just that I watched "The Fast and Furious 4" on last night...The plot is so exciting and a lot of marvelous actions in the whole movie. I only can said it is a great action movie which worthy to watch..lolz...

And the greatest part is.... TVXQ's song, Rising Sun was played in the The Fast and Furious 4, at the scene where Brian chasing the guy...TVXQ's fans....Faster watch it!!!!!!!

T***Rise up***T

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