Monday, April 27, 2009

D.I.Y **Carine's Shoe & Bag Advertisement**

Life is mundane if without imaginations. I can say that I loves imagine. I loves to play and I loves to D.I.Y thing..lolz. Let's the sky be my limits...lolz...

These photos was taken when we having our lunch at YAKIYAKI. As I mentioned we taken hundred of photos. LOLZ.. we have normal, cool, cute, silly and also sexy photos...* Dont vomit, please*

That day we have 7 girls for the lunch so you can know that how many shoes or highheel were there. I looked at those shoes and my mind started to image things. Many ideas pop up and I tell them my imagination...LOLZ.. Mostly of them were laughing when they heard it..But i dont mind as u know me that I dont really mind what ppl's think..I only thinks about the outcome...

So I arranged the place and designed it and thanks to the cameraman to take the photos for me..

Here is it::::

The first photo outcome
Ofcourse have to thanks to PhotoShop too and the logo was created by me. U know what next? My friends saw this and they start to fight to take the photo too..lolz..See!!..Laughed at me laaa. and now fight for it...HUH~
The second model..lolzzz
Third model

The Final model

I know some of you might laughing at your side there..If u likes it..just see it loh..and if you dont..just forget about this and close the page..lolz. Worry it will give you a nightmare..lolz..Hope it dont~..Heheh

+++Creativity Brings Your Life Forward+++

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