Thursday, April 16, 2009

Newly design , Same Original girl

As I read my friend's blog..They also had made some changes on their blog...Haha

Yesterday I wondering around on the net..looking for TVXQ photos, landscape photos and some studio photos... Suddenly some idea pop up in my mind.. I'm not a designer student but I just dont know why I love to edit and design photos...Maybe I'm too boring to study..lolz.

So I pick some of my photos and edit it.. The title photo is the photo that I newly edited..I love it so much...I fall in love with those wings..lolz. Maybe in my life I really carving falling angel from heaven to save me from all kind of problem...lolz..Dang~! This is the result of watch too much drama...lolz.. Full of imagination....Paiseh..ler..!

About My Pet society...this few days I cant get into it...Aiyo..Got addicted but cant play it.. It is so suffering. Just like lasttime, I so bumped in to MapleStory..I played it day and night..nonstop and now the addiction is gone to Pet Society...ARGH...I wanna to play it!!!!~~!!! I miss my pet, HAnny...

Anyway, back to TVXq concert, till today I still did not get any news about TVXQ's concert in Malaysia.. ..~Life so empty when you waiting for something to happen..


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