Friday, April 24, 2009

Uni-life Ended..YEah!!!

I realized this few days I having hard time to log into my FaceBook. Dont really know what happen to it. Always facing this problem. It is internet problems or the website problem. I didn't face any problem if I log into other websites. I have a lot of photos want to upload to FB. Lolz...Now already holiday..Sure have a lot of activities with my coursemates.

On 22/4/09, me and coursemates went to YAKIYAKI Japanese BBQ Buffet. Got discount...Very worthy!..ahaha....All foods so delicious and the lamb belly tasted good..lolz..But very high fat...lolz

We reached to there too early as we booked the room at 3pm...lolz. we reached there by 2pm, nothing else we can do but just to take photos..lolz..We took thousand of photos...lolz...I cant upload all to here, if not, my page will be full of photos..lolz. I just pick some nice sexy photos only....*kononnya*....ahaha.....
Okay..We took photos till tired and yet havent reaches to the booking time...Thanks to the cameraman..He very pro...hehe ..All of us..wait and wait and keep on take photos...And finally...Our Lunch Is Ready!

Everyone Go GO GO Go!!! Pick as much as you can!!!...Seems that everyone is so hungry.~
I still have mood to take photos...Two ladies beside i guess they didn't realise me took this photos.....lolz...
My turn!..

Everything is so fine UNTIL ...Fire!!!!!!!..Jesslyn seems so happy to see the fire burning the lamb belly...lolz..After this, we actually got complaint from the restaurant waiter for being too noisy..I'm so sorry la..We are scared then shout la...It is very normal what..It is the HUMAN BASIC RIGHT!.LOLZ.
Ok..We continue our lunch..This one cooked just nice...thanks Kevin, a died heart fan of this restaurant!.lolz
No...Dont eat my foods....
OkOK..After recovering of energy..We again do our favourite thing..Yes..Take Photos..lolz...This is the making...And the outcome is....
Two Leng Lui~Hehehe~~~ The others..And how is the making of it???

This is the weapons we prepared to throw at the waiter if they come in and complaint to us again..lolz...No la..Joking only..This is to show the numbers of coconuts we had drank...lolz

Ok..That is the end of our lunch..We all actually didn't eat much..We more like destroy their things..lolz...I will upload those photos nexttime. The buffet ended at about 5.30pm..then we went to SHOPPING..Yeah..Who dont love shopping.???
Elaine, the winner of Shopaholic that day..lolz..She keep on said ' I dont want to buy la'...then next second she will asked 'This highheel nice ar? It quite match with my cloth ler'..lolz..

Shopping time is the bestest activity to pass time..Just a blink of eye already 8pm++..LOLZ. We have to rush back to Taman Connaught Nightmarket to continue our shopping..lolz. Yeah..When reached there, we already exhausted by the tiredness of shopping. We went into the KFC and have our drink and relax for my tiring leg....
What special of this picture is the girl and the restaurant..The girl is wearing McD t-shirt and we went to KFC to eat..LOLZ..

Ok..As I said time passed so fast..It's to go home ler..! Sad gila...LOLZ. favourite food, Taiwan Sausage. The owner actually prepared himself for the photo but he actually dont realised that I didn't taken him in the photo..lolz..Sorry la Boss..And then he tolds us that he got friendster account, named as Sausage..If you free,then try to find it out..lolz

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