Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Most Suffering Exam Ever

The most suffering part of today's exam is not because I dont understand the questions or I dont know how to answer the question..The most suffering is I'm having running nose while examing...This is the most thing I hate and unfortunately my nose is so hypersensitive to dust...I keep on running nose and I forced to go to toilet in the middle of the exam period just to take TISSUE...What the hack...!!!! I was brought a new pack of tissue in to the exam hall with me and I just finished use it within the first hour of the exam..That exam is given 3 hours...How is the other 2 more hours....?? The running nose is too strong until it fall down 2 lines from the nostril to the top my lips...YUACK!!..I'm having my exam leerrr....Really beh tahan...Anyway, I managed to finish it on time...Dont know it is lucky or unlucky...

:::Good Luck:::

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