Sunday, October 26, 2008

Miss ASTRO Chinese International Pageant 2008

We were too free and attended the event at Arena Star, Genting. Actually there is another reason for me to go there...I'm went there to give support to Carine. Lolz..She same name with me and maybe is fate. My family and I were sat in the Carine's supporters area. LOLZ..I'm was overwhelmed for the moment...LOLZ..Because they shouting my name..lolz...*sry for that*

The feeling when I watch the show on the live is different from watch on the TV, even both of them were live on air. but the environment makes me feel exciting and very enjoyed. When I was there, I can see manything that I couldn't see through TV. I noticed the management and backstage workers were running all the way and they were controlling the stage. I can feel the stresses that they faced. They really done a well job...It is not easy to hold a live show. WELL DONE...

Quite a lot of ppl attending..

~The End~

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Carine Choong said...

Hi Carine,

I guess it would be a surprise to you..I'm Carine here(miss astro 2008).It's so co-incident i browse thru google to look for pictures and I found you!I truly appreciate & thanks for your support being there to support me.I guess its fate as you said.Cos I'm not a blogger & i seldom read blog too. I find it so 'KIU' that i found u in the way. Once again, thanks for ur support =)

u can add me in msn,

Hope to hear from you,take care =)