Friday, October 24, 2008

Adorable and Delicious Candy

My sis brought this candy from HK. This cand really adorable and we have to serve the candy or something like prepared it into something only we can eat. Very cute and it like fishing game. I forget to take the package photo. So i couldn't show the package. You have look for it by yourself if you want to eat it. Lolz.

First, we have to put some boiled water into the plastic box until the marked water level.
Then we have to put the first package of blue powder into the water and stir stir stir ....Haha
After stirring process done, we insert the most important thing, Our Candy......The candy is fish pattern and we have to use a spongy waffle to take the fish candy to eat....
It is actually very hard to take the fish. Because the fish candy is wet and very slippy. Lolz..And about the taste......I had no comment....Haha

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