Friday, October 31, 2008

What is this fruit?

I been wondering what I'm eating this...I asked my mom and she answered "It's called '8 Lei Heong' ". If anyone what is the scienctific name of this fruit or other name of it.....Let me know...Haha...

This fruit is very tasty and very juicy inside. I guess many people cant accept it tasted, especially guy. Haha.. It tasted very sour and sweet. But the sour taste already overtake the sweet taste...lolz. that is why many guy could not accept it.?

Is eat the middle yellowish seed. Looks like worm, right? But is tasted good.

Finished eat...Haha..

~The End~


s0hp0h said...

buah delima

Carine said...

Oh..thanks...Haha ..

Carine said...

But i check with the buah delima photos. I found their doesn't looks alike.. Thanks for telling me also...LOL..