Friday, October 24, 2008

3 Hours Pulau Ketam Trip...

Haha...Although I only spent 3 hours in Pulau Ketam but it actually more than enough..haha.. Pulau Ketam is small island, they very popular with all those dry food, such as dry fish, salted fish, belacan and so on.

In the morning, me and my trip mate went to eat Bak Kut Tea at Klang. Oh my, it was so early. About 8am if i'm not mistaken. I was still haven't fully wake up.. Haha...
Wah..This restaurant not bad. They won a prize before.After having tons of fat meats, we continued our journey. On the way, we passed by a maraton race. Lolz...GamBateh~!!! ....So sad...They are burning their fat while we gaining our fat content...lolz..After sitting in the car for 1 hour plus plus, my butt started to become numb and lucky we reached to the jeti. We searching for our boat....Is it this????

Or this?
We finally found our boat...Cool..When we reached there and I noticed something.......Their main vehicle is bicycle and their second vehicle is 'no. 11 bus'(walking). Pulau Ketam really peaceful.. At there, you can feel how peaceful is it. I couldn't use words to represent it. At there, the environment is clean & clear because they do not have any vehicle used motor. Really a big different from KL.
All those youngest and maybe younger kids, very good in cycling. They can cycle on narrow road, wooded road and even they can drift........I really saw it. They actually drift in front of me and the cycler was a GIRL..Oh my....i got shocked...Perfect drift all that I can say...LOLZ
See this....Our house fully parked with car..and they fully parked with bicycle..Great..I really love this island..

Again..we enjoyed our lunch at pulau ketam after buying and walking for 2 hours...
Forget the name ..sry..~

Haha...i likes this one...TASTED VERY VERY VERY GOOD!!

Yeah..this one is the most important of the meal that day...They called it as Shark Meat...but it do not know true or not.

By 2pm we back to KL and we eat all the way home. That trip is actually weight-gain trip...Keep on eat and eat and eat then sit and sit and sit.. but luckily my weight was not affected...Hahaha..

~The End~

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