Saturday, October 11, 2008

Welcome Our New Members of T.A.G

Our T.A.G having our new member fullmoon party..lolz. That day we had done a lot of things in one whole day...So long time did not enjoy my day in this way..lolz..
Early in the morning, 4 of us(Carine, Gilbert, Lai Kuan and Bee Kee) went to sing K at Neway. LOL...The Neway front door already crowded with ppl before 11am..What the hell on the earth...LOLZ....All youngster likes to sing K...lolz...

Lolz..we still managed to take photo..lolz..Although only 4 of us but we really did enjoyed it!..and we did enjoy the meal well..lolz...only 4 persons but our meal like for 8 persons..

After our K-lunch, we all continued with our plan, TO WATCH MOVIE..We all purposely changed our location from Timesquare to Parvillion just for the movie..U see ...How 'moh liu'(Too free) we are~? We watched Mama Mia until 4 something if i'm not mistaken.. then we all walk around at parvillion before we go to the Fullmoon party. Here are some 'moh liu' photos

And have our tea time at ....Opps...i forget the stall name..Never mind la..I let u all guess it. At the time, i accidently met my coursemate...aiya..Forget to take photo with her..Wasted!!!!!

After wasting for the time by window shopping, LOLZ, (Actually I have a lot of things to buy, just the time not enough!!! Sad~), We all met up with others T.A.G members at Steph there. Me and Beekee found a toy in XB's car and we fought for the toy..Haha
Then I found other toy in Darryl's car...It is a Cute Little Hippo Devil..So the panda toy I let Beekee to have it...Wakaka...(Devil's laugh)

The V.I.P of that day already reached and we enjoyed our dinner at the fullmoon party. The party is a garden/BBQ buffet..Luckily that night did not rain. If not, the party sure won't be so successful. Hehe...Here comes the last photo of the day.

Congratulation and Welcome to T.A.G !!


s0hp0h said...

it's Jco lolol.. and I oso want sing k!! ghahahaha soon soon ya hehehe

Carine said... did u know it is Jco?????