Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Mundane Life Changed to Mystical Life

Haha.. Everyday have to go to school is a very very boring life...I'm very sick about it..Plus when I have to find parking place for my car. My parking skill is within noob to normal range, so i'm always looking for bigger parking place or simple way to park my car. Because of it, I forced to go to school earlier than my class. But mostly of the time I'm fail to do so. Haha..I'm always late to class. Sorry.."Today's traffic very jam" is my best reason. Haha..

Holiday!! it's HOLIDAY! I'm love holiday very very very much!!!!! *Sad* Even I'm in holiday again but I'm still have to go back to school, atleast once a week. It's all because of my thesis. My thesis title is looks easy but there is very small little thing have to settle. If me and my partner did not settle it, we going to have big problem.!!!!! Please...! Help me!!!

Never mind. I have TVXQ to back me up. Haha..Joking only. I really bumped into them very deep this time. Everything around me is changing to TVXQ, my mobile phone's theme is tvxq, my comp's wallpaper is them, the most of the songs collection in my comp is TVXQ's songs as well as my mobile phone, once I got into my car, I will play TVXQ's cd. After i have their new songs, especially 'Mirotic', I can listen to it repeatly non stop for whole day(I'm listening to Mirotic when i writing this blog) and I also will youtube for their live performance of this song..DAM..THEIR DANCING SO NICE. I really cant stop myself from listening to it. Good...Now i'm in holiday...I will learn to sing along too..(Waoh! If i'm have such "studying spirit" for my study, I shall be the top of the top student, TOO BAD I'M NOT). Because of them my life become such a GREAT MYSTICAL LIFE....
Beside of everyday listen to TVXQ's "Spell" song, I also going to have a date with Fahrenheit on 15 of Nov. Wah..! So excited...!!!!! I also have to learn to sing FahRenHeit's songs, so that I can sing with them on that day.

IN this 2 months holiday, there are many celebrations I want to join. First, Deepavali...I want to wish all my friends Happy Deepavali. Then Halloween, I want to celebrate halloween. This is the first time for me to join halloween party. I'm still wondering and thinking about my costume. *Hehe*.

Then Christmas is just around the corner. I want to celebrate christmas and I really likes the christmas's designs and decorations those in shopping center. Ya..also the christmas songs! It makes the environment looks colder. You know, Malaysia is a very hot country.

Next is New Year Celebration !!! I'M COMING!.. Haha...I want to see fireworks!!!!!~

Oh...I have to start to find information about my thesis...So have to stop now...

~The End~

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